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What Has the Script of an Advertisement Done for Your Life?

Maybe you were walking down the road one day and saw a soda pop ad in the corner of your eye. Without knowing it two days later you were asked what kind of pop you wanted and you chose the one nestled in your subconscious mind. Advertisements across America are an influence not to be reckoned with. If you want to get an idea of what advertisements have subconsciously been doing to your life, keep reading.

Here at American Digital Ad Scripts, we love talking about how a beautiful ad written elegantly can be a solution to a massive problem and a positive thing for this world. But we also know how advertisements used for selfish gain can cause much negative disturbance in our thinking and choice making. This is why we made this blog, to bring people into the understanding of why ads are being misused but also why they are still a good thing we should not get rid of.


To understand this further, let’s draw three realistic scenarios to the mind and examine them.

Scenario #1.

You just got pulled over for drinking and driving. Now you’re sitting in a drunk tank with bored cops on graveyard shift listening to the radio outside the prison bars. Without being able to help it, you’re listening to a song you dislike because it doesn’t match your style. Then you hear a song you love. After hearing your favorite song come on, you get excited. Then an ad plays saying that the rights to play your favorite song on this radio station was sponsored by a local grocery store. This grocery store just happens to be a little further out of the way from the one you usually go to but have been disappointed with price-wise lately. In the ad you hear about a month-long sale on all products. What are the chanced you’ll be going there when you need to go grocery shopping next?

Scenario #2.

You just stepped out of the shower and you don’t like the new shampoo your aunt gave you for Christmas. The TV is on in the living room as you walk through the kitchen toward your bedroom with your towels on. On the TV, as it briefly passes your sight, you see an ad presenting a kind of shampoo you used to always use before it ran out. When you run out of that other shampoo you don’t like, which one do you think you’ll buy next? The advertised one you used to always use or will you risk experimenting with another one you might not like?

Scenario #3.

You just got dropped off at work by your spouse and you notice your company has a new banner above its doorway that wasn’t there before. This ad on the canopy looks impressive to you, and you’re almost proud to know you work here because of it. For years without really articulating it to yourself you’ve always been afraid to show people where you work because it looked like a shabby place. Now with this impressive banner ad the place looks more professional. When you drive past it in two weeks, you point out to your friend that that’s where you work, whereas three weeks ago you would not have done that.

These are the subtle ways in which advertisements affect your life. Knowing what they do to us gives us power over them. I never look at an ad without realizing it’s trying to trick me, persuade me or change my behavior. Don’t let it do so if you don’t want it to.

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