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Auto Detailing Saskatoon Changed My Perception Of Life!

As a professional advertisement manager I developed quite a perception of what life should mean for someone like me, but after getting my sports car detailed and professionally washed in Saskatoon, SK, Canada yesterday my perception completely changed. As you’d expect, this whole experience has been rendered into a metaphor for understanding what a good ad should be. Now, after driving in my freshly washed automobile from Saskatoon, I see now that things that are slick, sparkly and shiny are a very good thing and can make the eyes pop when they see them.

I used to think an ad shouldn’t be too flashy but I was wrong. There’s nothing like a flashy car. I used to get your average car wash and it did the job. People would vacuum my seats, wipe down the dashboard, pressure wash the exterior, but…. oh boy! It doesn’t quite compare to getting the paint touched up, getting a fresh coat of protective polish, getting my engine detailed, all my headlights slick and clean, my seats steam cleaned, etc. After getting professional car cleaning I see now what all the Need For Speed hype is all about. Now I know why people watch Fast and Furious and love seeing sexy, shimmering vehicles zooming down the busy streets of urban areas. Saskatoon isn’t quite the kind of city you’d see a Fast and Furious movie being filmed, but while I was there a girlfriend recommended Auto Detailing Saskatoon because after my road trip there my car really needed it. All I can say is that she was right!

exterior car wash done professionally

I drive a two-door, convertible BMW from 2016 and it used to be the car of my dreams. Well, the dirty version of it used to be the car of my dreams but now that role is taken by my new car! Sorry if you’re confused but, yes, my new car is still the same car I used to drive but it only feels like a new car because IT’S SO CLEAN!

I remember I had a series of 8 thoughts when I first saw my car looking so perfectly detailed:

  1. Oh my goodness, what in the world am I looking at?
  2. Is this even my car?
  3. Wait, this must be someone else’s car.
  4. Yup, this car isn’t mine. There’s no way.
  5. Wait, could it be my car?
  6. Hey, that guy is waving at me. He’s pointing at the car.
  7. Oh my goodness, this really is my car!
  8. My whole perception of life has changed!

I must admit I paid a good amount of money to get my car detailed, and usually I wouldn’t even consider paying that much. But I don’t regret it! From now on I’m going to get my car cleaned by experts every time. It even seems to drive better, probably because of the engine detailing. Now I must apologize for spieling about this. It’s time to talk about this as a metaphor for advertisement.

Auto Detailing as a Metaphor for the Perfect Advertisement!

car wash
the perfect advertisement

Just like how you’d expect to have a good ad pop out and catch your attention, so does a shiny, slick sports car zooming down the road. But did you ever think of what would happen if you polished up that ad even more, made it sparkle and shimmer with even more vibrancy? Well, the same things happens to the detailed car! That’s right, a good ad can be made even better by polishing it up just like you’d polish a vehicle, and the effects are analogous. So next time you’re trying to write the perfect ad don’t stop when you think it will pop for people who might be interested. Wait a second, take a second glance and polish that ad up even more. The effect will be tenfold for working that extra mile.

So thank you Auto Detailing Saskatoon for changing not only my perspective on life but for changing the way I look at advertisement. In all my years of working in this business, thinking I was so good at what I do that I can blog about it, I never would have thought my mind would have changed so dramatically over something so simple as a car wash. I don’t go to Saskatoon often but next time I do I know where I’ll be going to get what I need. Now I’m even thinking about buying a new car! Yup, it’s dangerous, but like I said my perception of life has changed. I love cars more than I’d ever thought!

I hope this metaphor can help with your next ad campaign and if not then I at least hope you enjoyed reading my story. Thanks for reading!