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A Bad Ad Is Like Throwing Rocks at Someone’s Window

If you want to get someone’s attention and still have them like you, like your business and like the services you offer, then you don’t want to throw a rock at their window because, although this might get their attention, they’ll dislike you for it! Whether or not the rock does damage is beside the point. It’s just not courteous.

The proper way to get someone’s attention… wait, no, the best way to get someone’s attention and still have them like you is to give them a service for free. Even if you leave them a door-hanger, put flyers in their mailbox, leave them a voice mail, etc, they’ll find it hard to dislike you if all you want to do is give them a free service.

Many companies do this with great success. For example Audible has a free month trial. Other sports training centers offer the first lesson free. The gym I used to go to I only went to because the first two weeks were free. This is very far from throwing a rock at the window and I recommend keeping that in mind. Use the free strategy to grow your business!

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