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Speaking of Rocks…

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Today we’re going to continue one of our most popular discussions: “A bad ad is like throwing rocks at someone’s window.” We have a special angle this time, from someone who actually works with rocks for a living for a rockwork company in Canada, ironically enough.

If you still haven’t read our previous post from 2019, catch up on it here: http://americandadscripts.com/a-bad-ad-is-like-throwing-rocks-at-someones-window/

Our friend kindly mentioned that even though a poorly designed ad might have bad consequences if targeting the wrong people, “all press is good press.” It is a tactic of many companies to get their name out there in people’s minds no matter how well it’s taken. This tactic is often called “subliminal messaging.”

Although this practice is still frowned upon, which was our original point, it’s still practiced nonetheless by companies that rely less on your opinion but lack of choice. For example Coca Cola may have an ad on the most grubby corner store in your city. For a new company this might not be a good place to have an ad, but for a company like Coca Cola it doesn’t matter because they don’t expect you to go inside and buy one of their beverages. They want your subconscious mind to see the ad as you drive by because then you’re more likely to order a Coca Cola when asked what drink you want at a restaurant, especially if there’s only a few other options.

The aforementioned company which mainly provides masonry Ottawa service, has experimented with such a tactic before, choosing to pay a lot for ads on local buss stops. They found that this worked very well, even though people disliked the ads and wrote graffiti all over them. The amount of calls they got increased 3x, after just one month of having the buss stop ads in the city.

This worked for them, we believe, because people searching for masonry Ottawa service most likely recognized their brand when searching online for a local masonry Ottawa company. Their name is quite memorable – Stone Masonry Dads of Ottawa – so even though people may not recall where they heard it before, it stuck with them.

So therefore we need to correct our claim in the last post that bad ads aren’t always a bad thing for your business. We hope that clarifies some things!