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Our Cause

What do the American Digital Ad Scripts believe?

The authors here are adamant about the belief that advertisements should not be treated as derogatory, peripheral nuisances. We understand the core importance of the advertisement industry, the effect it has on our economies and the lasting effect is has on our minds. We argue that advertisements should be treated like poetry. We understand this may be a strange view to many people who find ads to be evil and a waste of time. We know this because we, too, are aware of the evil nature of ads. However, us at American Ad Scripts separate ourselves from the bulk of the advertisement industry by producing what we call elegant advertisement writings.

Even a person who hates all ads in general will admit that they have a favorite ad. Usually this ad is funny or touched them in a powerful way. Some ads are also good propaganda, like Molson Canadian ads strengthening Canadian pride and nationality. We seek to study ads in a sociological and philosophical way to help readers understand why an “elegant ad” might actually be very good for mankind.

We also study and share other forms of writings in the broad category of “American Script” like short stories, novels, poetry, movie scripts, plays, et cetera.

Now that you know our cause, we invite you to stay tuned for blog posts related to this subject. Thank you for your interest!