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Lying in Advertisements and on Packaging Should Never Be Legal


Today we’re facing weird times as a package of GMO onions can sell in the market with the words “organic” on them, all because advertisers and marketers find tricky ways to sneak through loopholes in the system. One way we often see such labels like “100% beef” when really it’s a lie is because the companies selling these things just have to claim that these tags are part of the name of their product. For example, you wouldn’t be surprised to see “grass fed beef” under a big brand name because, even if the cows have been fed nothing but carrots, marketers can call their product whatever they want as long as it’s done in a certain way. This tricks many consumers into thinking they’re eating what they’re not. Perhaps in the long-run this may have a positive placebo effect on their health, but we can’t deny the results would be better anyways if what they were actually eating was natural.

Now this kind of talk may sound weird coming from anĀ American digital ad script writer, and it’s supposed to. So don’t get me wrong. I am all for capitalism and big business but we don’t have to lie to our customers in order to dominate the market. Besides, doing things the right way is more challenging and fun. It creates real competition. Using sneaky methods may be useful in the short run but in this modern age your machinations are bound to leak on the internet at some point and that’s why it’s best to stop lying in advertisements and product packaging before the laws change. Soon all the crazy extreme-left students in universities today will be controlling our country’s politics and and us old timers are just along for the trip. So, hey, do the right thing, pal! Even if you’re a marketer generating business for a client you can go about it in a responsible way so that clients know what they’re getting.

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