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American Digital Ad Scripts Visits Victoria BC, Canada

The authors of this blog at American Digital Ad Scripts has a cool story to tell. Over the Holidays we went to Victoria BC as a team to visit some friends and family as well as make some business proposals. If you don’t know, and we don’t blame if you if you don’t, Victoria is a small city in British Columbia, a province on the West Coast of Canada.

british columbia city

Our team split apart for most of the trip as we each had different things to do. I was mainly there to visit my old best friend from high school. He’s kind of a funny tale. He went to the University of Victoria for six years taking history courses but now he’s a window cleaner. He was kind of busy with work while I was there, but I couldn’t complain because I was able to stay at his house and play on his PS4 while he was away. I hadn’t played video games in nearly a decade and so the new graphics on the PS4 blew my mind. It was also nice to take some time off stressful work without feeling bad about it, for I had been working my face off all year with minimal relaxation.

When my friend wasn’t out cleaning and washing windows across Victoria BC with his squeegee, we were hanging out back like we used to do in high school. We enjoyed Canadian beer, Canadian sports and all things Canadian. I learned a lot about the subtle differences in culture compared to American culture. For instance, traffic there is a lot more polite and even when you cut somebody off they wave hello at you. I never thought this could have been true until I saw it for myself. Another difference is in work ethic. I always thought I was strange for working so hard compared to my lazy, over-weight American neighbors. But while I was in Victoria BC, Canada, I realized I don’t work hard enough. There were so many nice, rich houses and fancy cars my neck was nearly breaking from all the turning it had to do. My friend is a perfect example of how hard people work there. He loves providing window cleaning Victoria BC services for the company he works for, not only because he loves and respects his employer but he cleans windows for a lot of rich people and often gets ridiculous tips and bonuses. I never would of thought a window cleaning company could hustle so hard, and I learned a lot and gained a lot of respect for Canadian work ethic. My friend even worked on Christmas Eve! He’s crazy!

If it wasn’t for his craziness, I wouldn’t have had this story to share with my friends when I came back home to USA. No one believed me when I said people in Victoria, even window washers, work harder than most people in USA, but they will when some of them come out with me this year in 2019. They want to see it for themselves. Only a tourist can truly see how Victoria is an academic, professional city as most of the people I talked to there said out loud that Victoria was for old farts and boring golfers. Maybe they were partly right, but also wrong in  a lot of ways. I got nothing but love for Victoria BC and my window cleaning friend’s hard work habits. 

So if you’re ever looking for a place to retreat yet also get inspiration and see what hard work really looks like, consider Victoria. For Christmas my friend and I went further north up Vancouver Island. The nature there is wonderful and I highly recommend it for tourists. Anyways, just wanted to share all that because many friends were wondering how my trip went. My team came back with stories of their own and they have nothing but good things to say about Victoria BC, too.

Thanks for reading!